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FACHIOO was founded in London as a UK innovation and technology company. FACHIOO opened its Asia Pacific headquarters in Shanghai in 2019 and set up Hong Kong company in 2020.
“Every drop of water we drink comes from planetary travelled tens of millions of years ago, every drop of water is extremely precious, water gave birth to life on Earth, worthy of everyone to cherish. FACHIOO core “Naturalism” technology, can purify a variety of water impurities, bacteria, pollution, but also to maintain a healthy mineral composition, compared to pure water purification technology, is a more people-oriented technology upgrade.

Our Products


Electric-free, zero wastewater, eco-friendly


Energy saving & survival & emergency water filter

FCP 104

Benefits your body


Electric-free, zero wastewater, fast flow rate


Multi-stage filtration system


Integrated water-softening and purifying (super large flow)


Powerful descaling rate up to ≥99%


40μm filtration Forward and backward cleaning


Instant heating (within three seconds) also with Energy and power saving


Quick heating within 3s and 6-stage temperature control


Water purification with up to 99% residual chlorine absorption.


Five-stage filtration deep purification for a great taste

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What People are Saying

FACHIOO continues to pay attention to water pollution, marine plastic pollution and other environmental issues, we support a number of British environmental protection agencies.

Great Product
we have a FACHIOO Poseidon-L1 under our sink for our
drinking needs.The system has been working since 2019 and
the only thing we have had to change thus far are these
three filters,which should be done yearly from city water
and 6 months from using a well.
Kim Ortega
Most economical mineral fliter
Installation is simple, the directions are straight
forward and when followed the job takes about 30
mins.FACHIOO has very good customer service by the way if
you aren’t sure of something and need a question
H Schaffer
Glad I have this system
The old filters i took out after 1 year made me very
happy i bought this system.To start i always thought that
my water was very clean to begin with.I comes from Lake
Michigan and the city i live in even bottles it and sells
it.After removing the old filters i was amazed at how
much was actually in my water.
Mike Maeck